Do you find yourself endlessly falling for the wrong types of guy?

You go on a few amazing dates, the chemistry is on fire. You're sure this one is different. Then, POOF! They disappear. Or come and go for a while, never really committing to anything more than a coffee in the morning. Have you had enough of the DATING ROLLERCOASTER? Get off here and find out exactly how to avoid Mr Wrong and meet Mr Right!

You will figure out:

  • What you are doing to attract Mr Wrong

  • How to spot and walk away from Mr Wrong

  • How to know when you meet Mr Right (who is truly ready for commitment)

Your Coach

Dating & Relationship Coach

Kat Winny

Kat Winny is a pioneer in the dating and relationship world, showing a different way to attract and sustain long-lasting, healthy and soulful relationships. Kat has studied the works of the world’s leading relationship experts, including John Grey, Ken Page and Arielle Ford. Kat combines this knowledge with over four years experience working with one-on-one clients, as well as her personal journey in finding her own life partner. Kat has created her own unique methods to help clients heal from past relationships, uncover their relationship patterns and create a long-lasting, healthy partnership. Kat is a qualified Catalyst Life Coach, Equus Coach and Hypnotherapist and has been featured in leading national publications including The National and Khaleej Times, as well as media outlets such as Dubai on Demand and Chasing Zest.

What my clients say:

"Never found anything this practical"

Nadia, Finance Manager

I took the course because for the last couple of years I have read a lot of books on relationships but have never found anything that is this practical. I was able to really identify and understand my current pattern in relationships, see how it ties into my attachment style and create a whole new vision of what I want. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to understand themselves better and how they are in relationships. If you have been doing the same thing and not getting results this course is going to start to shift that.

"I will no longer be wasting my time"

Zoe, Corporate Lawyer

This course provided such insightful and helpful information which draws attention to why you may have experienced difficulty dating in the past. I've realised how my beliefs were sabotaging my relationships. I am so much more conscious about this now which means I don’t waste my time on men that I know are not looking for anything serious.


Rowan, Marketing Manager

The course is superb! It clarified a lot of things that I’ve been doing wrong with the people that I consider for potential relationships and the handouts at the end were just what I needed. I will be sharing this with my friends!

"I will now be able to spot the red flags"

Kate, Dubai

Thank you! I took the course as I am single and keep getting into wrong relationships. Everything in the course made sense from the different attachment styles to the exercises. It made me really consider my previous patterns / limiting beliefs. The resources provided at the end were perfect. This course has helped me get more clarity. I will be now be aware of the different attachment styles and spot the red flags etc within the early stages of relationship.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction and Getting Started

    • Welcome from Kat

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Relationship History and Patterns

    • Understanding where your relationship patterns come from

    • Identifying and changing your patterns and beliefs

    • Quiz: understanding attraction

  • 3

    Finding Mr Right

    • Attachment Styles and how to find Mr Right

    • Recognising relationship types and rewriting your dating story

    • Before you go...

  • 4


    • Attachment Styles Guide

    • Identifying Mr Right Checklist

    • Reading List