Would you like to move on with your dating life?

Are you tired of thinking about him all the time? Replaying everything that happened and want went wrong? Would you like to be back in charge of your emotions? Confident and feeling positive about what the future holds? Then this course is for you. Breakups are one of the hardest things you’ll have to navigate in life. And no one has ever shown you how. It’s no wonder you’re finding it tough. There is a way to feel and move through your emotions so you feel happy and stable again. To get the closure you crave. To understand what went wrong so you don’t repeat it again in the future. An amazing relationship lies ahead of you. Let me show you how to get there!

You will figure out:

  • Go from heartbroken to happy again

  • Get closure & your questions answered

  • Know how & when to move on and love again

Your Coach

Dating & Relationship Coach

Kat Winny

Kat Winny is a pioneer in the dating and relationship world, showing a different way to attract and sustain long-lasting, healthy and soulful relationships. Kat has studied the works of the world’s leading relationship experts, including John Grey, Ken Page and Arielle Ford. Kat combines this knowledge with over four years experience working with one-on-one clients, as well as her personal journey in finding her own life partner. Kat has created her own unique methods to help clients heal from past relationships, uncover their relationship patterns and create a long-lasting, healthy partnership. Kat is a qualified Catalyst Life Coach, Equus Coach and Hypnotherapist and has been featured in leading national publications including The National and Khaleej Times, as well as media outlets such as Dubai on Demand and Chasing Zest.

What my clients say:

"I feel relaxed and happy in my dating life"

Hannah, Lawyer

I feel more relaxed, happy in myself and ready to deal with all the things I'd previously been so worried about in my love life. Kat is just great.

"My life is now incredible!"

Chloe, Entrepreneur

I think back to where I was and to where I am now, who is in my life and what I've attracted, it's incredible!! Thank you for your guidance, time and positivity.

"I'd recommend 100x over!"

Natalie, Professional

I was gently guided through realizations about certain patterns and habits in my dating life in a supportive way. The entire process felt safe as well as transformative. I would recommend Kat 100x over!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction and Getting Started

    • Before we begin...

    • Everything you need to know

  • 2

    Session 1: Heartbreak recovery

    • The Secrets for handling heartbreak

    • Q&A

    • Meditation: Dance Meditation

    • Activities

    • Your Reflections & Feedback

  • 3

    Session 2: Learning the lessons

    • Closure & understanding what happened

    • Q&A

    • Activities

    • Cutting the Cords Meditation

    • Your Reflections & Feedback

  • 4

    Session 3: Moving on

    • Moving on to an amazing future

    • Activities

    • Reflections & Feedback

    • Q&A